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#381661 - Oh shut your babbling mouth, Miranda Dayne snapped, Naomi tells me everything, and I mean everything, so there's no point in lying to me, do you understand me now!?! With his body shaking like a leaf in a gale, he softly replied, Yes, ma'am, I understand!!! Miranda took her daughter by the arm, led her into the other room, and said, We might as well find out right now if he's submissive material, I've got the ball rolling, let's see where it leads us, what do you say!?! I wasn't expecting for it to happen this quickly, Naomi replied softly, but I think you may be right, he seems receptive enough, I say we go for it!!! Good, Miranda replied while heading back into the front room, let's do it!!! Naomi went directly to Peter, and after giving him a little kiss on the cheek, she said, I've decided I want to stay in for the evening, both mother and I have a great deal we want to talk with you about, so just sit down and be quie

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I would love to eat that
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I guess so