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#391351 - The party was to continue the rest of the night and I will tell you more in the next episode. Amanda had started to speak so they all came into the living room to listen to her she made a few remarks about Jerry leaving and how she hoped it would be a night to remember she then asked for their cell phones to ensure no photographs started appearing in the future. My attention returned to Jerry and Jenny who had also finished, she was mopping her pussy with some tissues and Jerry was looking at Tim and Amanda with a look similar to mine I would guess, I have seen many porno movies over the years but I can honestly say I have never seen anything as erotic as that fuck, my cock was rock hard and leaking pre cum, I couldn’t believe I had not even touched it during Amanda’s fuck, she was still sitting on Tim’s dick, her thigh muscles were still spasming, “Oh fuck that was good” she eventually said as she lifted herself off and the flood of cum ran out of her swollen pussy and down both l

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Leila malkal
Short straight haired chick has a young deborah harry meets young faye dunawaye look that is hot as fuck
I want to hear how good it taste