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#279950 - Once the worm had finished milking Sebastian, it stored his cum inside of it and left the boy alone. Now they could enter through it, with a little of struggle but they made it inside they continued inside exploring her new host and found two ways Unaware of which way they should take, the two of them took different paths to see where they would lead them, they started traveling through the girl’s Fallopian tubes, once they reached the ovaries they found them rather warm and perfect to create a parasite farm, but something unexpected happened while they were there, one of the ovaries released an amber orb, the parasites started scanning this orb in their respective ovum, they concluded it was high in proteins, water, minerals, fructose and other components, they started devouring it as fast as they could, this orb gave them enough energy to keep them alive and stay there forever. The woman started getting dizzy and couldn’t control his body, in just matter of seconds, the parasite

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