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#94851 - It was then each of the vibrators started up, I fell from the shock, these dildo's where far longer and thicker than I had ever had inside me before, teenage boys in the other buildings got out their cameras, the girls giggled and the group of men to the left where clearly laughing at me and reaching into their jeans. The razor eventually cut through his jumper, polo shirt and underwear till he was completely naked like I was, the screen showed “Stage One Complete, Proceeding to Stage Two” Lee was then lowered and brought into a position where he was laying on top of me, the machine beeped with the display showing “Stage Two Complete, Human Intervention Required, Initiating Drugging Sequence” I knew what was coming next, a sting in my lower leg, and I drifted off again… as I began to fade, it dawned on me how much money the K’s most have… the contraptions, the Ultra Sound, the houses… where did they get all their money? I work up suddenly, surrounded by bleeps and buzzing, I w

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