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#313000 - One night when I was 12 my mother and her friend Monica were going to a party down the street from our house, since my mother rarely went anywhere and was no drinker, it was strange to see her so excited about going out, mom was very modest and sweet natured , she has a great body for a 30+ woman since I am the only son as I have two sisters, Mom is very close with me and always says things I can’t repeat to anyone, like she wants to have sex with our next door neighbor she says he is hot, I think he is a jerk. I was in shock at what Mom just did, then I was sitting there scared to freaking death cause now she was kind of waking up she rolled over moaning as I slid off the bed and snuck towards the door she sat up looking right at me and says what going son are you ok, I was stunned umm yeah mom I was just checking on you, she says how did I get here? And why am I nude? I was frozen in fear didn’t she feel me fucking her with my fingers? or is she just trying to keep it like a secret

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