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#387958 - Luanne Richards, did you go over there again to get relief, her mom asked exasperatedly!?! I had to mom, she wailed, I could take it any more, I needed to cum in the worst way!!! Haven't I told you that we take care of our own, she shot back at her oldest daughter!?! Come over here, Luanne, let me see what you have on under that skirt, good grief, girl, just as I thought, nothing, and look at those lips, so puffed up it's almost obscene! Luanne looked at the floor and said softly, I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to make you mad, I'll try harder next time okay? Well, I guess so, she replied, but this is the third time this has happened this month, so I'm afraid you have to pay the consequences, now come with me! Luanne followed her mother into the den and announced to her father, Luanne has been a bad girl again, Dave, so I'm going to punish her, okay?!? Don't you ever learn, girl, her father said sternly, yes mother, do what you

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