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#65565 - Almost dropping your shaking body back down to the bench he comes round to your head and makes you take his cock in your mouth again, tasting your mixed juices you greedily lap and suck as much as you can off his softening member making it twitch and release more for you to swallow. ‘looks like you’ve already been having some fun’ he remarks as he pulls you up the benches and bends his head to your pussy, trying to struggle you thrash about, wriggling to try to break his hold. Pulling you onto the top most bench he carries on probing you releasing you legs as he does so, shaking with his touch you don’t move as he starts to pleasure you more.

Read Jerking COMIC Shitsurakuten Vol.03 2011-09 Penis Sucking COMIC Shitsurakuten Vol.03 2011-09

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Rin shibuya
Lol how did he run on you this man was wearing flip flops ahahahah
Chiyo shirayuki
God i d suck that till you came all over my face
Haruka yuzuhara
Nah bro idk you lost it