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#181619 - These evenings had thrilled them both but despite their tacit practice of being always direct with each other, professionally and personally and regardless of how cruel the honesty – “Try not to re-write ‘Imagine’. squeeze-dispenser: Pipe Grease? Petroleum-Based Anal Lubricant Active Ingredients: Benzocaine (Topical Anesthetic) 11% Maggie gathered the videocassettes, the photograph, and the tube of lubricant together and carried them out to the main room and dropped them into her tote bag on her way out the door and back downstairs to her own apartment. Reflexively, still unable to think anything, she took the plastic videocassettes from their boxes and placed them aside, returning the shiny cardboard, the off-Hollywood rag, and the photograph of herself to the back of the drawer.

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Yoshiteru zaimokuza
Why the fuck would you ruin an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies