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#222186 - when my brother came back in he said it was done i looked at him and said you was once a great brother why cant you be the brother i once know again he smiled at me and said i will try to be but i need to get my barrings me and harvey drove home in are cars and had really great sex i was really hot for harvey i ripped open his clothes and hand cuffed him to the bed i got on top of him and harvey shoved his dick in me we was having sex for about an hour or so and harvey told me he was going to come so i told him to go faster when he cummed i told him to keep going so he did i really enjoyed the feeling of my hustband inside me because he is my world and i couldnt love anyone more than the man i married when harvey couldnt give anymore he pulled out and landed on top of me breathing really heavey i said are you okay babe he said he was fine and we went to sleep (CLOSETCASE) i think you should write your coming out story because i for one would be delighted to read it. harvey

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Yui kotegawa
Lodi add kapa sex nyo ang sarap nya pm mo naman ako oh thank you
Jun hono
I wish i was that pillow right now
Mister satan
They both sounds so good i will ty
Samatoki aohitsugi
Which gender are you