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#124022 - It had been two weeks since Kelli's' dad had put the chastity belt on her, and it was torture, she was so horny and she couldnt do anything except play with her breasts, prom was coming up and she had a hot date and she wouldnt even be able to do anything, she had tried to pick the lock multiple times, no such luck. no i cant, it stays on unless you have bathroom needs or when you get married ill give your husband the key the tears began to roll down kelli's cheeks and she muttered angrily its not fair, i have needs too daddy! you get someone to take care of yours, i have a lot of needs and they are making me hurt, and im more grown up then you think i bet i could do big girl stuff better then mommy if i gave it half a shot he turned her to face him and lifted her chin, looking into her eyes you think your so grown up? think you can take care of my needs like i want? well fine then, i'll let you give it a shot, i dont want to wake your mother anyway, besides

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