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#83894 - Stranger: Asl You: Looking for a sexting buddy ;) Stranger: Male? You: I am Stranger: And I'm not(: You: Great! age? Stranger: 30 You: nice I'm 18, is that okay? Stranger: Mhm(; Stranger: I like them younger You: great ;) You: what do you look like? You: ?? Stranger: Blonde hair with natural blonde highlights and lowlights, bra size is c42, green/blueish eyes Stranger: 5'2 You: holy shit you are perfect!!! You: can I see a pic of you? Stranger: I don't have a webcam :( You: u don't have any pics? I wanna see dem titties Stranger: Nope sorry Stranger: Whatchu look like? You: 5 You: '7 You: brown hair, skinny, athletic, glasses Stranger: Where you live? You: Maine Stranger: How long is your hair? You: eh not super short but not super long Stranger: Is in curly? Stranger: *it You: no not really Stranger: Eye color? You: green Stranger: Penis length? You: 8'' Stranger: What would you do to me if we were alone?? St

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Shizuka masou
Mafuyu kirisu
Lupe burnett
Beauty and the beast what a whore and what a monster tssss
Maka albarn
I have good muscles very tight alot of power xx