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#118726 - ‘Visiting family’ I replied as if I were asking him the question. I called my parents and had a brief conversation and then ordered some fried chicken because I was feeling home sick. My eyes went wide and I screamed and cried from it, It had felt so weird, like now I almost felt complete… It didn’t hurt as much as It did when he first thrust in so I decided I would comply and make it the best I could, so I thrust my hips at him he then said ‘Awe, good slut, you learn fast!’ I moaned from more pain than pleasure, it was still very uncomfortable for me, even after a few minutes.

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Maya yamada
Im not goona jerk off as a sign or respect for the dead rip
Mondo oowada
I want this man to dominate me so badly
Kanan matsuura
Good looking couple beautiful breasts and butt