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#291372 - we went to southbank and talk to a bit and it came to about 6pm it was a normal british winter night, cold but the lighted up skys made you feel warm inside i wispered in her ear lets go to a more private place and grabed her hand we went to north greenwhich station a very busy station but round the outside of it was the most private place you could ever go. I got on the train and rushed my way to see her she was standing there with a very lonly look on her face hey darling i said to her in the most suductive way i could hey my beutiful she replyed she huged me and grinded up as she hugged me and grinded back down as she let go i knew what she wanted. she started to suck it and i could feel all these feelings on my penis the end of my dick touching her tonsoles and the end of her tounge licking the start of my balls she went so slow it was hard to cum but felt so, so unlike any feeling i could give myself i took my out of her mouth she let out a moan and the puppy dog eye

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