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#99953 - This was okay with him, because there was just nothing like the taste of young pussy! At twenty eight, Walt cut a good looking if rough kind of figure! A little over six feet tall and 190 pounds, his muscular build attracted the ladies like bees to honey. Walt never tired of seeing a large pair of tits in a low cut bra, and Brenda had that in spades! Wow baby, Walt stammered, these are the finest boobs I have ever seen in my life! While maybe not entirely true, Brenda's chest was spectacular enough that for once in his life he wasn't feeding someone a line! Do you want me to take off my bra, she asked coyly, leaning her shoulders back and pushing her chest forward.

Read Facial Cheers! Vol. 11 ch.86-88 Bigblackcock Cheers! Vol. 11 ch.86-88

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