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#27185 - It was a cute idea, but I had to admit that even though I thoroughly enjoy nestling my nose in pubic hair, and while I like a hot, juicy pussy, the idea of burying myself in a green bush wasn't as much of a turn-on. Her apartment turned out to be a cozy place, well decorated and feeling homey and warm, especially to me, having spent a lot of time lately in hotel rooms with their generic hotel room decor. She had the same kind of shaving soap I use (lime flavored Edge), so I was familiar with the way a little bubble of the stuff spread out into a nice, foamy covering.

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Nana sunohara
I enjoy your creations so much
Uta yumeno
And ironically she didnt drain a damn thing
Nanami asari
Queria alguem me chupando
Teru miyanaga
You keep my bbc hard asf