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#198749 - When you think your torment is almost at an end, the tech says your panties need tightening up a bit, so you part the split front of your skirt while she uses the large stapler near the torn edge of your gusset, right in the centre of your pubis. She says it needs testing first, and turns a switch on the board, instructing you to explain what’s happening, and with a gasp you tell her there is electric current running through your clit, three seconds later the current switches to the inside of your abused winky, then your clit, then your winky again. After cutting away all your clothes, she fits a memory chip into your damp slit, 32 pins digging into the tender inner surface of your sex lip, then she puts the heavy mounting block on the outside, and crimps them together.

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Yuuki utsugi
Very sexy
Reika aoki
Oh thats good baby pussy looks so pretty